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Candy Crush Saga Hack Cheats With Unlimited Lives Free Download

Candy Crush Saga Hack - softcracked

Candy Crush Saga Hack Download v1.123.0.4 is a game which was introduced on Facebook in 2012. The user can play this game on Windows 10, iPhone, Android, and Mac. In this game, the player must match the candies not less than 3 of same shirt and color for making scores. Furthermore, the player has to finish several levels by swiping the candies of different colors and make them into a same shared pattern. When three candies of same colors are combined in a line then it will disappear, and the score increases. Other candies of different colors take the empty space which was developed by combining the candies. Furthermore, more than 3 candies can be the matchup of the same shading to create a different kind of Candy which can help to remove other neighboring candies.

When 4 candies are combined in a row then it will create a different shape candy of same color pattern. So, when you combine two other Candy of the same color with this new type of Candy, the massive blast will occur, and neighboring candies disappear. In Candy Crush Saga Full Hack, this pattern of lining the candies have more scores then combining three candies in a row. There are many different goals are present on the game board.

Candy Crush Saga Hack Download + Cheats + Unlimited Lives

Candy Crush Saga Hack Cheats have several levels have different hurdles to it. For example, a chocolate candy is a hurdle, you must remove it with that neighboring Candy combination. Additionally, a score of any candy combination will increase. For example, if you blast 3 candies in a row of same colors it has fewer scores. But, if you combine 4 candies of same shared in a row then it will have more score. When a player combines 5 candies of same shade in this game, that round candy with different shades appears. Furthermore, this candy when combines with any color candy, this color candies will be vanishing from the board for the massive score on the board. You can play it free of cost. But the player may purchase some unique actions to clear the problematic level. Furthermore, it was installed more than 3000 billion times since 2012.

When a player plays the game and invests so much time and energy to pass several levels then there must be a difficulty to clear some levels. The game just only has 5 lives at a time and one life top up after 15 minutes. Furthermore, you can purchase the lives in $1. But here you can unlock the players and can play Candy Crush Saga With Unlimited Lives without root or Jailbreak on the cell phone. You must download this application and install it on your PC. The best part is that we are providing this hack app for all the users and don’t worry about if you are using Mac, Android, Windows or Android. You can download the hack version for any of these platforms.

Candy Crush Saga Hack - softcracked

Main Features

  • Allows Infinite wrap & strip boosts.
  • Always go for triple or Tetra combos.
  • It also helps you to create strips candy.
  • You can also create a plane on every move.
  • Take a look at the pattern before starting the game.
  • Look at the bottom and start the game from theirs.
  • Concentrate on the edges and clear the jellies from there.
  • Unlimited Lives, coconuts, hammers, color bombs, and jellyfish.
  • Think about the next step before making the jellies in the previous step.
  • Beware of chocolates, Many additional boosters.
  • The game now adds the 100 new Levels.
  • 1200 already complete levels.
  • 26 February new update with different levels.
New Features
  • New sweets, features, and levels are available.
  • Join the fun by downloading and installing the new version.
  • This version continents new unlock levels.
  • Added support for Unlimited Lives, hammers.
  • More than 500 new Levels.
Supported OS

Candy Crush Saga Hack+Cheats+Unlimited Lives For Android Phones and Tablets. Android 2.3 and higher. iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone and Mac Devices. iOS 8 or Higher. Windows OS. Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10 with x86, x64. Touch and Mouse integration is recommended but not necessary.

Why Download This Amazing Game?

Unlimited jellyfish and lives are available for a nonstop play for you. Unlimited hammer and color bombs are also available along with this hack version. There are many additional boosters are present to boost up your gameplay. We always update newly unlocked levels with every update weekly. In the previous update we unlock 1100 levels which were already completed and now there are 1200. These new hundred levels can help you to get the highest score in competition to your friends and family. Now install this new version on your mobile, tablet and computer and enjoy the full play of the game.

Game Specifications

  • OS: Apk | iOS | Mac | Windows
  • Updated: April 27, 2018
  • Current Version:
  • Offered By: King Limited

Apk | iOS | Mac | Windows

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